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Being a self employed I needed to ensure that if something happened to me, my family would not suffer. There are many risks in being self employed and loss of income is a big one. I met with Tim and he reviewed my whole situation and then came back with several options which protected my family. It was cost effective and re-assuring to know that what ever happens death or disability my family is covered and will not suffer. I would recommend Tim to others.

Jean Lamarche

I would like to thank Tim for helping me find a way to buy my house. Tim showed me how I could use an RRSP loan and my 1st time home buyer’s program to come up with the down payment. Within a year of our first meeting, I moved into my new house. I had a great experience dealing with Tim and I really appreciate what he has done for me.

Tyler Maxwell

We met with Tim to discuss re-financing our mortgage and combining some of our other payments in hopes of lowering our overall monthly payments. Tim was able to find a way to make this happen and keep our monthly mortgage payment and term the same as it was. He has saved us close to $1000 per month and we were able to buy a new car. I would definitely recommend meeting with Tim, you won’t be disappointed.

Cherylnne Dias-Riley

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