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Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Be prepared for life’s important moments

We can protect the financial security of people you love by providing you with the best options when it comes to life insurance.

The amount and type of coverage are all based on your circumstances and needs.

Even though you might have basic life insurance through work, it might not be enough to meet your needs and its coverage usually ends if and when you leave your job.

Belanger Financial understands what with so much at stake considering all the options might be overwhelming.

We cut through the jargon and make sense of your life insurance options.

We can protect the financial security of people you love

Permanent Life Insurance &
Term Life Insurance

  • Permanent or “whole” life covers you for your whole life
  • Can build cash value over time
  • Almost always guaranteed to not increase in cost
  • Limited-time payment plans are optional for some coverage plans
  • Simple and affordable type of insurance
  • Provides a fixed amount of insurance for a specific period
  • Temporary protection that’s customizable to meet changing needs
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Permanent Life Insurance Term Life Insurance
Make your health a priority

Make your health a priority

Personal health insurance helps mitigate the risk of being left with major expenses from preventive care or medical bills due to illness.

Though provincial heath and drug plans help cover many of our health expenses, there are gaps in the system that can have a huge effect on your finances.

Belanger Financial will review your current benefits and work with you to develop a fully customizable heath plan.

We can help you with plans involving:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental Coverage
  • Health Care
  • Paramedical Expenses
  • Vision Care

Personal Health insurance is to fill those gaps that employer group benefits coverage.

We can help you choose a plan with differing levels of coverage that you can afford, so you can have peace of mind.

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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

We can’t always control what happens, but we can do our best to help prepare you for those moments.

Disability insurance is designed to replace a portion of your income should something happen and you become disabled and are unable to generate income.

At Belanger Financial, we take a personal approach to helping you understand what you need to maintain your current lifestyle.

With a growing sector of independent Ottawa contractors and consultants, we know the importance of disability insurance.

Whether it be due to injury, a serious illness or mental health issue, we will tailor a coverage plan to keep you safe.

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